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Your business deserves Great Leaders 

Great leaders deserve the Best Coaches

The best coaches convene at Regal Coaching


The Regal Coaching Consortium has on board some of the most experienced leadership coaches, executive coaches, business coaches, and mentors in the country.

We have a coach for every business goal or challenge. We match you to the right coaching partner based on your unique needs.

We help leaders & businesses excel at what they do and build sustainable leadership for the future by focusing on the three dimensions, or pillars, of leadership, IQ, EQ, and SQ*.


CEO Coaches 

Partner with coaches who work with the top leadership of global organizations. As experienced CEOs or board chairs, they are sound thinking partners for strategy, leadership persona, succession planning, and long-term vision.


Senior Executive coaches  

Our senior executive coaches prepare you for C-suite roles and develop the skills required to manage large teams and cultivate stakeholder relationships.

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High-Potential Coaches 

High-potential coaches groom the best & brightest talents into capable, competent leaders. They enable high-potential leaders to develop self-awareness, confidence & coaching culture.


Leadership Coaches

Leadership coaches work with leaders at all levels to improve performance, identify limiting behaviors and beliefs, and work on specific leadership issues.


Team Coaches

Team coaches focus on improving team performance, communication, and morale by focusing on the energy, dynamics, and limiting behaviors of the team as a whole. 


Specialty Coaches

Our specialty coaches focus on specialized niches such as business scale-up, mergers & acquisitions, diversity & inclusion, start-ups, women leadership, etc.

Partner with us and give your business the best future under all circumstances. 

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