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Shift Gears with a Life Coach

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams - Oprah Winfrey

What would you like to set your mind on? 

Create your desired persona. Manage lifestyle. Master emotions. Start a new hobby. 

Let go of habits that don’t serve You. 

Partner with a Regal life coach to find success & fulfillment in all areas of life.

Why You Should Hire a Life Coach

Find Your WHY

You want to make a unique contribution to the world but aren’t sure of your goals. Explore your dreams and zoom in on a goal matched with your life purpose.

Set Goals

You have wonderful ideas. But putting them into action seems overwhelming. A life coach can help you create SMART goals to achieve your dream step-by-step.

Stay Accountable

You’ve set out to achieve your goal but find it difficult to keep up the momentum. Thrash out new strategies with your life coach to make your venture sustainable.

Manage Inner Talk

You are in a self-defeating loop that’s going nowhere. A life coach can draw out limiting beliefs that hold you back & help build the right mindset to get out of that zone.

Helping Hand

How do Life Coaches help you?

Do you wish to develop aspects of your personality and discover your authentic self?

Is your profession eating into your personal time or taking a toll on your health? 

Are your emotions or futile habits getting the better of you?

Is it difficult to fit a de-stressing hobby into your hectic schedule?

Life coaches help create a robust challenge-response mechanism unique to your needs. Here’s how - Life coaches play different roles to align thought, word and action. Life coaching initiates change at the thought level and supports implementing them at the behavioural level.


Coach act as a mirror

Clarity of Purpose

Powerful questioning by coach

SMART Goal Setting

Coach helps set the right goals

Clarify & Work Towards Specific Goals. Connect with a Regal Coach..

What Clients Love About Us

Shuchi Jain, DTM

“Rekha has been pivotal to my journey in realizing my potential as she helped me break some deeply embedded myths and look past the barriers that had been holding me back. Each session with her has been sheer joy, full of aha moments & has brought me closer to my richer self. I am sincerely grateful to her.
Sphere on Spiral Stairs
  • Know
    Stimulate self-discovery through coaching conversations
  • Go
    Set goals, chart action steps, and act upon them
  • Grow
    Assess actions, evaluate experiences & evolve

Life coaching blogs

why and when do you need life coaching.webp

Why & When Do You Need Life Coaching?

Keshav was a mechanical engineering graduate working in the IT sector. He wanted to become an entrepreneur but wasn’t sure if he should follow his heart and take the plunge or play safe and continue with an assured income job. 


Amazing Benefits of Life Coaching

A few years ago, if someone had told me to work with a life coach, I would have wondered – Why? What’s wrong with me? The judgment would have kicked in even without knowing any facts.

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