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Speciality Coaching

Our specialty coaches focus on specialized niches such as finance, personal branding, youth, dating, diversity and inclusion, etc.

Get moneywise with a Finance Coach. Plan your finances, overcome challenges, build savings, and manage money skillfully. Also, develop the right mindset, attitude & behaviours to augment wealth.


Enhance your desirability quotient with the help of a Dating Coach. Understand your needs, work on self-limiting patterns and develop a dating strategy that complements the authentic you.


Entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders can work with a Business Coach to craft business strategies, scale up, clarify organizational values and vision, hone leadership skills, develop executive persona, etc.


Medical Coaching

The healthcare sector has a unique set of challenges. A Medical Coach is a medical professional-cum-coach equipped to empower doctors, nurses & other medicare professionals to discover tailor-made solutions that enable them to excel at work.

If you are a teen or a young adult looking to plan your academic future, clarify career opportunities, or just a safe space to speak out, a Youth Coach is your go-to person. They can shine a light on your aspirations, help set concrete goals, and be a safe, non-judgmental sounding board.


LGBTQ Coaching

Not sure how to be a confident You in an insensitive world? An LGBTQ coach can help you affirm your identity, overcome limiting beliefs, and live authentically.

Fashion Coaching

Make a style statement that defines you with a Fashion Coach. Understand your needs, preferences & personality to curate your fashion wardrobe. Pick up the nuances of dressing for diverse occasions. Flaunt your flair with confidence.

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