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How Parenting Coaching Helps Working Parents

Updated: May 19

How Parenting Coaching Helps Working Parents

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Challenges Faced by Working Parents

2.1 Work-life Balance

2.2 Prioritising

2.3 Stress and Guilt

2.4 Lack of Focus on Self

3. Parent Coaching: What Can You Learn From It?

3.1 Time Management at Home and Work

3.2 Communicating with Family and Colleagues

3.3 Health and Self Care

3.4 Career Growth

4. Conclusion

Given that child care is commonly overlooked in our society, the burden it places on working parents is often forgotten. The demanding nature of their responsibilities causes significant stress for these parents, and their difficulties are frequently ignored. Nevertheless, these challenges are very much a reality for each individual and have a profound effect on their own well-being and the future of their family.

Although not immediately considered by many, parent therapy and family coaching can assist them in navigating these challenges successfully by providing valuable parenting skills. Engaging in positive parenting programmes can promote mindful and conscious parenting, while also prioritising the mental and physical health of the parents.

Challenges Faced by Working Parents

First, let’s look at a few challenges faced by working parents.

Work-Life Balance

The number one issue working parents usually face is finding the sweet spot between work and household life. There are moments when work obligations and home duties clash leading to exhaustion for the parent. 


Given the point made earlier, it is crucial to consider prioritisation. Balancing the demands of both home life and work can lead to feelings of confusion, stress, and inadequacy in either or both areas. Parents in such situations are at risk of experiencing burnout

Stress and Guilt

These problems of work-life balance and challenges in prioritising lead to a whole lot of stress. Relationships with colleagues and family members become strained. Moreover, due to social conditioning, parents and usually mothers feel a huge burden of guilt about neglecting their children as well as about not being able to achieve career growth.

Lack of Focus on Self

Again, more so in the case of mothers, but applicable to all parents is the case of neglecting their personal time and care. Work and home life leave parents so stretched that they are unable to engage in leisure activities, and at times address essential personal matters.

However, there is an optimistic solution to this. Parents from all over the world can and have benefited from parent coaching. Positive parenting programmes and family coaches have worked wonders. Of course, the credit goes to both the parents and the parenting coaches who work together well. Let’s dive into this a little deeper.

Parent Coaching: Here’s how it can help with parenting tips

Time Management

Parenting therapy can teach parents effective time management. Through parent coaching, parents can identify priorities, set realistic goals and come up with ways to utilise time efficiently. Although parents are aware of the need for this, sometimes, it can help enormously to receive these tips from parenting and family coaches to sharpen their parenting skills.

Communication with family and colleagues

Conscious parenting involves communicating effectively with the crucial people around us. Family coaches can help you figure out the problems we all inherently have in our communication strategies. Through parenting therapy, one can learn how to listen actively, state their own needs and wants assertively as well as learn how to navigate positively through conflict. These can then be applied by parents both at home and work.

Health and self-care

Although it might not be entirely apparent, self-care by parents is extremely important to sustaining good parenting skills. Parent coaching can help show parents the importance of this aspect. The better the parents can take care of themselves, the more energy and positivity they can bring to their household and work. Constant exhaustion can only lead to reduced productivity at work and negative emotions and behaviours at home. Family coaches offer tips and tactics to incorporate self-care in the daily lives of parents.

Career Growth

Positive parenting programmes understand a parent’s need for career development without judgement. So, while they help parents be meaningfully engaged at home, they also guide them with action plans, mindset building, communication, and navigation through their work life. Sustainable career growth can have a positive impact on the parent’s mindset and mood, leading to a better home life as well. These tips and teachings from parenting therapy can turn out to be crucial, especially for women, who are at times unable to continue work after having a child, or due to having to focus on them solely in their early years.


Beyond these problems, working parents are subjected to social judgement. This adds to the stress and anxiety, sometimes causing parents to be unable to balance and prioritise either work or family. Positive parenting programmes create safe spaces for parents to express themselves and their fears and teach them how to balance as well as cope with societal issues. Family coaching can help lead a healthy family life, free of judgement.

Regal Coaching offers parent coaching services all over the world through their online sessions. For people in all stages of parenting, Regal Coaching promises a safe learning environment that aims at stress-free parenting.

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